Somebody just emailed me, noticing that I’d been remiss in my update duties. I’m still not very good at juggling all these various portals for blurbage. What’s twittery, what’s facebookish, what’s bloggable? What ideas are small enough to fit into all three? I for one don’t know.
Anyway: The end of the year was lovely. Lots and lots of much needed time at home. Nearly three months, which I think is a record in the last 5 or so years. Home is good. Very good.
In that time, Toad got together and whipped out a quick re-record of our greatest hits. There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. This way, we can own the recordings for licensing purposes.
  2. A few of the songs were updated, with expanded arrangements or slightly faster tempos that better match how we play them live.
  3. We can make a little record (called All You Want) and bring it to shows to share with the people.
  4. We were able to remix the songs with just a little more of a modern flavor. Not totally hyped up, but with a little less reverb and (we hope) a little more punch.
  5. It was really fun, and a good challenge.

So…what else? Solo shows coming up. Lots of writing to do. Then lots more writing to do. Then some more touring. More writing. More touring. Then maybe some recording. You know the drill.

Share and enjoy…