Sean Watkins (from Nickel Creek, and knows how to staunch bleeding) will be joining me for the shows in Northampton MA, Long Branch NJ and Alexandria VA. Jonathan Kingham will be with me down the West Coast from Portland to San Diego. This is good.

Thanks for the nice words about the Plover project. We had a great time making the record. Don’t be afraid of spreading the word – there’s no label or manager or anything, so nobody will know unless you tell them…

Also – there’s a placeholder website for Works Progress Administration where you can hear the song “Always Have My Love”. We also have a Myspace page, but our songs disappeared from the player, and I get error messages when I try to erase or replace them. I’m five letters deep with tech support, but they just keep sending me generic faq answers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And I’m remembering that I forgot to eat the most important meal of the day. I was booking flights and hotels for the next few weeks, and my mug of French pressed rocket fuel is burning a hole in my stomach. Typical. One more thing and I’ll go eat something.

Laurel and the kids went over to Santa Ynez this morning to pick grapes with a bunch of our friends. I’ll be joining them in the afternoon for a good old fashioned stomp. It’s a yearly even that’s been going on in the Mountain Drive community for around 40 years. A queen is chosen, feet become purple, and months later some delicious wine is passed around. David Lafond, excellent father/person/winemaker is a Mountain Drive local, and provides the knowhow. If you’re curious about his non-foot-stomped wines, you can go to Lafond Winery to learn more.