New Design

Someone pointed out that my website was a horrorshow. Not properly updated, ugly, maybe even smelling a little off if that’s possible for something that lives on the inter webs. Anyway…here’s a new, very simple site. The tour dates will update themselves now. I may make a more complex site later. Then again, I might not. The anticipation will kill no-one.


Another Open Letter To Miley Cyrus

Hey there! I see you have lots of pen pals now, and I like writing letters so I thought I’d join the crew.

I ran in to your father at an airport once. He seemed like he was in a hurry, but he was still nice. It was years ago. He probably doesn’t remember.

Do you like pancakes? I’m more of a waffle person generally, but my daughters made me some really delicious pancakes and I even had seconds. We put that maple syrup from Trader Joe’s on top of them, and some berries from the farmer’s market. They have some really good stuff at TJ’s. I always buy the hummus dip.

October is such a beautiful month. I’m glad I travel, because the leaves don’t change too much out here in California, but I got to go to Massachusetts for work and see the colors. It’s like a second summer out here in CA. I’ll probably head to the beach this afternoon. What are you going to do today?

I have three daughters, and the oldest is almost your age. She wants to join the circus (for reals!) and be an aerial dancer. She’s pretty talented. She wears leotards, too.

Are you getting all these pen pals for charity? A kid in school did that once. She got letters from people in lots of different countries and if she got the most letters then Unicef or Oxfam got money or something. I forget exactly. Her letters didn’t seem so…judgey or whatever. You sure do have some famous pen pals though. I think that’s cool.

Anyway – I’ve taken enough of your time. You must have so many other letters to read.

Glen Phillips

Yawn and Stretch

I’ve been hibernating again. The winter takes it out of me, even here in sunny California. Once the days start getting longer, the happiness starts creeping back in (can happiness creep, or must it skip?). I’ve been mostly indoors for the last few months, recording a new Toad album. We will polish up the last mixes this Sunday, and then start working on getting it out into the world. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. There are moments of abject terror, but I attribute them to the seventeen year gap since our last record together and my higher than average worrying skills.

It’s a lovely, foggy morning. I’ll finish tweaking the website and then get back to music. I think I like the new look. Finally just caved in a bought a decent template instead of trying to roll my own. Should’ve done it years ago.

Anyway – have a good one, see you around, etc etc etc.

Sampler is free again.

The sampler that used to be free and then cost a couple bucks but nobody downloaded it any more because it wasn’t free is free again. Enjoy! For free!

Of course, I still highly recommend buying the music you listen to. We music folk work hard, and it costs money to make records. If you’re not hearing songs in movies, on tv or in ads (and you aren’t, in my case), then there’s nobody footing the bill but people like yourself. Just a friendly (and more than slightly passive-aggressive) reminder.

I write this in a van, heading from Tallahassee to Orlando. It’s a pretty much perfect day, at least where we are. It’s all about perspective. And weather. And the pleasant lack of alien invasion or giant monster attacks.

I’m extremely excited about the upcoming shows in Hawaii. Whee. Whoop. Zowie. See? Pure unbridled exuberance, leaping out of the screen and into your tired eyes. Stings, doesn’t it? All the same: Hawaii. Yes!

A little update

Somebody just emailed me, noticing that I’d been remiss in my update duties. I’m still not very good at juggling all these various portals for blurbage. What’s twittery, what’s facebookish, what’s bloggable? What ideas are small enough to fit into all three? I for one don’t know.
Anyway: The end of the year was lovely. Lots and lots of much needed time at home. Nearly three months, which I think is a record in the last 5 or so years. Home is good. Very good.
In that time, Toad got together and whipped out a quick re-record of our greatest hits. There’s a few reasons for this:

  1. This way, we can own the recordings for licensing purposes.
  2. A few of the songs were updated, with expanded arrangements or slightly faster tempos that better match how we play them live.
  3. We can make a little record (called All You Want) and bring it to shows to share with the people.
  4. We were able to remix the songs with just a little more of a modern flavor. Not totally hyped up, but with a little less reverb and (we hope) a little more punch.
  5. It was really fun, and a good challenge.

So…what else? Solo shows coming up. Lots of writing to do. Then lots more writing to do. Then some more touring. More writing. More touring. Then maybe some recording. You know the drill.

Share and enjoy…

Go Vote!

It matters. Really it does.

.net is now .com. kinda.

Hi. Just switched servers and moved everything to a new site. Hope you enjoy. I’ll try and make a prettier header at some point…

More to come. Probably.

Good parenting moments

Driving carpool back from Middle School today, my 13 year-old took my iphone and played: 15 Step by Radiohead, Intro and Crysalized by XX, and The Way We Get By by Spoon.
I will never be as cool as she is.