The sampler that used to be free and then cost a couple bucks but nobody downloaded it any more because it wasn’t free is free again. Enjoy! For free!

Of course, I still highly recommend buying the music you listen to. We music folk work hard, and it costs money to make records. If you’re not hearing songs in movies, on tv or in ads (and you aren’t, in my case), then there’s nobody footing the bill but people like yourself. Just a friendly (and more than slightly passive-aggressive) reminder.

I write this in a van, heading from Tallahassee to Orlando. It’s a pretty much perfect day, at least where we are. It’s all about perspective. And weather. And the pleasant lack of alien invasion or giant monster attacks.

I’m extremely excited about the upcoming shows in Hawaii. Whee. Whoop. Zowie. See? Pure unbridled exuberance, leaping out of the screen and into your tired eyes. Stings, doesn’t it? All the same: Hawaii. Yes!