That Toyota Commercial.

Just to save me having to write another email in response to the question:

No, it is not me singing “Saved By Zero”. And yes, I think I would have said yes if they’d asked me. I have three girls going to college some day…


  1. Ahhhhhhahahahaha! That’s so funny, because I have been thinking it sounded like you since the first time I heard it and the 1000 times since that day. But the quicker singing at the end was fairly different and I knew it wasn’t.

    Still… I was considering emailing you about it. Very funny to see there are many others out there who thought the same.

  2. My husband thought it sounded like you but I said no. Then one day my 8 month old (who’s very used to hearing me sing along with your music) whipped his head up off my shoulder when he heard the commercial. Then I started to wonder…

  3. thanks a lot. . .now i have that damn commercial stuck in my head. . .
    really, saved by zero. . .
    really now?!?

    ugh earworms!


  4. I think we all know you well enough to know your covers are WAY better than the one on that stupid commercial. The poor FIXX. :-(

  5. Please…you sound so much better than that.

  6. hehehe. Haven’t seen the video. Is there a link to it somewhere? Looking at Toyota site with no luck.

    Milo (San Antonio)