I’ve been hibernating again. The winter takes it out of me, even here in sunny California. Once the days start getting longer, the happiness starts creeping back in (can happiness creep, or must it skip?). I’ve been mostly indoors for the last few months, recording a new Toad album. We will polish up the last mixes this Sunday, and then start working on getting it out into the world. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. There are moments of abject terror, but I attribute them to the seventeen year gap since our last record together and my higher than average worrying skills.

It’s a lovely, foggy morning. I’ll finish tweaking the website and then get back to music. I think I like the new look. Finally just caved in a bought a decent template instead of trying to roll my own. Should’ve done it years ago.

Anyway – have a good one, see you around, etc etc etc.