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Things I Play - gear and gadgets
Current favorite plugins :

Sean Costello at Valhalla DSP makes incredible, affordable reverb and effect plugins. The interfaces are simple and sensible, the effect quality is second to none, and the parameters are tuned for smooth changes which let you play the effects like musical instruments. Check out Valhalla Room and Übermod in particular. And Shimmer. And Vintage Verb.

Andy Simper is the genius at Cytomic Audio, and is responsible for The Glue, an SSL-style bus compressor I seem to use on everything.

I’m also very fond of Kush Audio’s UBK-1, a strange and beautiful compressor/saturator thingy. Rather girthful and exciting.

Tools I use live, for those who wish to know:

Lakewood M-32 acoustic guitars

Anthem acoustic pickups and the Venue preamp from L.R. Baggs.

Neumann KMS105 mic

SA220 acoustic amp/PA from Fishman (whose Ellipse pickup I used for many years)

A custom dual  humbucker electric guitar with Tele styling from Rhinehart

Seymour Duncan electric pickups

A custom shop ’52 reissue Telecaster from Fender

A lovely golden Aluminum Falcon II overdrive (Centaur style) from PCE Effects

D’Addario Strings

Aria FA-75 hollowbody electric

Matchless Lightning 15 class A amp

Original ’65 Fender Princeton amp with a Weber 50W ceramic speaker.

ZT Lunchbox amp

Line 6 M9 multi-effects, Fulltone OCD, Keely-modded RAT, other bits and bobs.