So happy to be back!

Cayamo was wonderful, the Toad dates were a blast. Life is not so bad.

Of course my youngest daughter has a nasty flu and Laurel got called to a marathon-length birth just a few hours after we’d arrived back in town and gone to bed, but that just seems to be the way it goes. The price of a full life is a full life…

Oh – I’ll be at Soho in Santa Barbara this Wed. That should be good, too.


  1. Coming home makes going away much easier.Enjoy your stay,make it count.

  2. Cayamo was wonderful! Thanks so much for all the music and the laughs. I am prepared for anything the zombies may throw at me. And keeping a watchful eye on Brandi. ;)

  3. We really enjoyed meeting and seeing you perfrom on Cayamo. What a wonderful trip. Hope to see you there next year. Beware the zombies :)

  4. “The price of a full life is a full lifeā€¦”

    Did you make that line up, or is it an ancient proverb that I’ve never heard before? It’s a great line